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Citing Guide for Business Majors (APA 7th ed.)

General Tips

Most company and industry profiles do not have a personal author (ex:  John Smith).   When you do not have a personal author for a market research report or profile, you can use one of the following options:

  • Corporate name or trade organization name (ex:  Starbucks Corporation or National Sporting Goods Association)
  • Name of market research firm that provided the report (ex:  Euromonitor International, Marketline)
  • When you cannot identify any of the above, use the name of the database (ex:  First Research or Hoovers).

Citing a Company Profile

Example for a company profile found in the Mergent Intellect database.  Mergent (a market research company) is the author. Typically the Mergent Intellect profiles are not dated, so use (n.d.) as the date.

Mergent. (n.d.). Starbucks Corporation company profile.  Mergent Intellect.

Citing an Industry Profile

Example for an industry profile found in the First Research database:

First Research. (2020, August 3). Coffee shops industry profile. First Research.

Example for an industry profile found in the IBISWorld database.  Note:  IBISWorld reports typically have a personal author.

Hyland, R. (2020, April). Fast food restaurants in the US. IBISWorld.


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