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Citing Guide for Business Majors (APA 7th ed.)

Citing Information from a Shopping Website

It can be helpful to review shopping websites, such as Amazon, to identify competing products and to look at pricing and customer reviews. The APA style guide does not provide citing examples for shopping websites.   The examples below are based on an adaption of APA style, and include the author, date, title for the item reviewed, and the URL for the website. 

Notes:  1)  A customer product review will usually have a date to include with the citation, but a product listing may not.  If that is the case, use (n.d.) for the date. 2) Some customer reviews will list the customer's name; if so, use that for the author.  If there is no name, use the name of the shopping website.  3) The URL for products on shopping websites can be long.  To shorten the URL, use a free URL shortener, such as Tiny URL:


Citing information for a product description found on Amazon:

Amazon.(n.d.). Product description for Nike everyday cushion crew training socks.

Citing a customer review for a product found on Amazon:

Bullock, O. (2023, February 22). Customer review for Nike everyday cushion crew training socks.




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