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Types of Plagiarism Infographic

The 10 most common types of plagiarism and are ranked in order of severity.

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Types of Plagiarism Video

Key Elements of a Citation

There are certain pieces of information that you should note as you are doing your research.  In various types of citations, these elements will be important to recognize and take note of:

  •  Author's full name (and whether or not there are multiple authors).
  •  Full precise title of book, journal article, dissertation, etc.
  • If resource is book, dissertation, or AV item, place of of publisher, and date of publication.
  •  If resource is an article from a journal or newspaper, you need to note not only the author and title of the article but also the precise title of the journal/newspaper in which the article was published,  the volume and/or issue number, the date of the publication, and the pagination of the article.
  • If the resource is digital, note if it has been assigned a "D.O.I." = Digital Object Identification (number).
  • If you found the article as the result of a search on an online database, note the name of the database NOT the name of the vendor (EBSCO, ProQuest, Gale, Web of Science, etc. are vendors, NOT databases names).

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