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*Reusable LibGuides Boxes: Reusable LibGuide Boxes

How to Use this Guide

Welcome to Butler Libraries' Reusable LibGuide! 

What can be found in this guide?

This guide contains boxes that are designed to be mapped to your various LibGuides. Each tab contains multiple drop down pages with topic related information. 


How do I use a reusable box?

In order to add a box to your LibGuide, we suggest using the "mapping" function if you do not plan on making specific changes to the box. The mapping function keeps the box current and updated when a librarian needs to make a change to the box across all LibGuides. If you would like to make changes to the box, use the "draft" function. But note, by using the draft function, global updates will not be applied to a draft box.


Controlled Vocabulary

Use the "tags" feature to see which LibGuides are being updated. "Stable" denotes LibGuides that are being viewed and updated on a continual basis. Stable LibGuides are generally safe to map to or pull mapped boxes from.

About Reusable Boxes

Reuse, recycle triangle icon

Butler Librarians are encouraged to interact with this Guide in two ways:

  1. Reuse boxes from this Guide on your own Guides. 
  2. Contribute by adding boxes that you think will be helpful to others.

A note about reusing boxes: We encourage you to link boxes whenever possible, so that changes will only have to be made on this Guide. Of course, if you want to customize the content you are fine to make a copy.

Librarians are also encouraged to contact Amanda Starkel if they have ideas or suggestions for boxes.

Questions? Ask Butler Libraries

Butler Libraries Irwin LibraryButler Libraries: Irwin Library, Science Library, and Education Resource Library

For immediate assistance, chat with the Information Commons desk.


To contact the librarian that supports the discipline or subject area covered by this LibGuide, email Sally Neal, Head of Instruction,

Check the Butler Libraries' website for regular semester hours and holiday and break hours.


Butler Libraries on Instagram


Report an Access Problem

Use this button to report any problems with the online resources listed in this guide (databases, ebooks, broken URLs, etc.)

Want to reuse this content?

Creative Commons Attribution License

You are welcome to reuse the content of this Guide as long as you attribute Butler University Libraries.

Harm Mitigation in the Catalog

Items in the catalog are assigned Subject Headings in the catalog.  Subject Headings are meant to capture the most essential themes and content of the material (books, recordings, eResources, etc.).  The subject headings we use at Butler University are overseen by the Library of Congress, which is often slow to change, making some of the terms out of date.  

In an effort to make the Butler Libraries' catalog more inclusive we are working on a creating local subject headings to replace existing outdated and potentially harmful subject headings.  If you find a troubling subject term(s) in our catalog, please submit it through the below form with a suggestion(s) of an alternative term(s).  

Butler Libraries Subject Heading Request Form

When reading a catalog record, you can find Library of Congress Subject Headings after the ISBN:


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Irwin Library: 317-940-9227
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