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All About eBooks: Credo Reference

About Credo Reference

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Supported Devices

Computer monitorCredo ebooks can be read instantly within any Internet browser. 


You can also download Credo book chapters as pdf files, so you can access them on any device with a pdf reader.

Using a Credo Reference eBook

Credo Reference includes Topic Pages, Reference Entries, and ebooks. 

If you wish to limit your search to ebooks only, be sure to use the Find a Book tab at the top of the page. You can search within book titles or browse by subject. Note: if you use the main search box, your search will return more than just books.

Main page for Credo Reference Find a Book feature

Once you have located a book, click on its title to proceed.

When you click on a book's title, it opens the book's page. Each book's page may look slightly different, depending upon how that book is structured. However, each page should display the book title at the top and a menu beneath. Options for this menu vary.

There will be a Contents or Headings option that will list hyperlinked entries or chapters within the book. 

Credo Reference book page

To proceed, click on a hyperlinked chapter, title, entry, or person.

It is not possible to view or download the entire book at once, but you may view or download each chapter/entry separately. 

After clicking upon a chapter, title, entry, or person, a new window will open. You will see the text of this chapter/entry within your browser, and can scroll down and read it within this page.

To download the text as a pdf, click on the Print option next to the Adobe logo in the top menu.

Other options in the top menu include:

  • Listen - reads the text aloud. Also allows you to download an mp3 file
  • Email - gives options to include full text and citation format
  • Save - sends the file to a Credo results list, which you can access via Saved Results in the page menu
  • Share & Export - allows you to share on social media or export citation to many common citation programs

There is also a search box on the left that will allow you to search within the entire book's text.

Credo Reference page for a book chapter or reference entry.



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