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Indianapolis 101: Transportation

Highlights some Indianapolis activities, neighborhoods, and resources for new Butler students and their families



In the past, Indianapolis features modes of transportation ranging from streetcars and trolleybuses.  Today, Indianapolis is a large city and multiple, more modern ways of transportation are available.  This page will provide insights into traveling to and from the city, as well as within the city.

Here are the transportation options in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area.

  • Airport
  • Roads
  • Mass Transit


Photo:  Hiromy CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Indianapolis International Airport

The Indianapolis International Airport serves as a great option for students to travel to and from home over school breaks.  Students without cars or who live especially far away from their hometowns would benefit from this airport.

Fun Facts About the Airport

  • Identified as IND
  • Opened in November 2008
  • Averages 135 flights daily to 38 nonstop destinations through 8 major airlines
  • Approx. 15 minutes from Downtown Indy
  • Taxis are available on the lower level of the terminal just outside Baggage Claim.

IND Website


Driving Around Indianapolis

As a city, Indianapolis covers a great deal of square miles.  As a result, even though Indianapolis has a large population, the population density and amount of traffic congestion remain relatively low.  Therefore, having a car to get from place to place in the city can prove to be very useful.

Other options

Greyhound Bus operates from the station at 350 S. Illinois St., which also includes some other bus lines.

Megabus stops at 200 E Washington St, between Delaware & Alabama streets, behind the City-County building.

Amtrak Cardinal and Hoosier State trains go through Indianapolis to Chicago or New York. Depending on the day, some bus travel may be involved as well.

Taxis, rental cars, and limos are traditional options.  There are also the locally popular Chicken Car, pig mobile, and others.

Pedicabs are an option downtown; you may also be startled to see a 16-passenger bicycle bar.

Several horse and carriage vendors operate downtown; a night-time trot around Monument Circle and the Statehouse are popular options for tourists and lovebirds.

Pedal boats, kayaks and gondolas are a picturesque sight along the downtown Canal Walk.

Running and biking are popular options to keep fit and get around. A variety of bicycle rental options are available, including the Indiana Pacers Bike Share at City Market, but there are many others downtown, in Broad Ripple, Carmel, and other popular bicycling areas.

Indianapolis has always been a city of streetcars and interurban rail. The Indy Connect Plan is taking a step in the direction of making mass transit more accessible to city-dwellers. 


Mass Transit


IndyGo is the city's public transit system. There are 31 different bus routes that travel throughout the entire Indianapolis-Marion County area. Although there is not a bus stop on campus itself, there are multiple routes that are close by, such as College (17) or Michigan Rd/MLK (34).

IndyGo- Website Home


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