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Indianapolis 101: News

Highlights some Indianapolis activities, neighborhoods, and resources for new Butler students and their families


Finding News in Indianapolis

If you want to hear about current events or check the weather forecast for the upcoming week, chances are knowing where to find news in Indianapolis would be very helpful for you.  Through a variety of outlets, an array of information is readily available about the Indianapolis area in print, online, on television, and on the radio.

Below are three sections detailing information that is available through newspapers, radio stations, and television stations.                                           



Newspapers can be purchased in physical newspaper form, but their websites also have a great deal of information online.

Radio Stations

Radio Stations

Radio stations are great for the drive to and from work.  The stations listed below are focused on news, weather, and sports.  If you don't have a radio, the radio stations' websites also have information available online.

  • WFYI (90.1) National Public Radio Member Station for Indianapolis
  • WIBC (93.1) News, Weather, Sports, Contests, and Local Events

Television News Stations

Television Stations

There are many television stations in the Indianapolis area that provide weather, traffic, sports, news, and entertainment.  The stations can be viewed on their respective television channels, but they also provide information online.

  • Indiana Weather, Radar, Traffic, Sports
  • WISH-TV Indianapolis News, Indiana Weather, Traffic, Sports, 24 Hour News
  • Fox 59 Indianapolis News, Indiana Weather, Indiana News, Indiana Traffic, Indiana Sports, Entertainment, Community
  • RTV6 Breaking News, Weather, and Sports
  • CBS 4 Indianapolis News, Traffic, Weather, and Sports   
  • WFYI, the local public television station, includes local business, political and public affairs programming, and an active web site.


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