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Information Fluency: Building a Tiered, Course-Integrated Program Across the College Curriculum: Implementation

Guide to supplement Faculty Food for Thought Presentation, April 12, 2018.

How we got it going ...

  • COMMUNICATION!  Lots of it!  PREACH! (the Gospel of Information Literacy/Fluency).
  • Initially FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS with individual faculty teaching targeted courses to explain program.
  • I send an EMAIL all JCA faculty in late July/early August:  reminder of our “program” – I list the "targeted" courses and also remind faculty that anyone may request instruction and the instruction can be tailored to course needs.
  • PRESENT/MAKE A PITCH at EVERY opening All-JCA (i.e., all-college or department) meeting.  I have made hand-outs for some.
  • REQUEST SYLLABUS/ASSIGNMENT early in semester.
  • PLAN!  Phone call and/or face-to-face meeting to talk about class and plan for library session.
  • Create Course LibGuide based on syllabus/assignments/discussion with faculty member
  • OUTLINE - create an outline/lesson plan for the session.

Structuring the Info Lit session ...

  • MAKE IT RELEVANT!  Make info lit presentation relevant to course needs (assignments)! 
  • ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO CONTACT YOU - I generally begin by telling students the most important thing to remember is that I am here for them and I tell them where and how to get a hold of me.
  • ENGAGE STUDENTS!  Ask them questions to help learn more about what experiences they have had prior to the particular session (whether in high school or at Butler) to find out “where they are” with regard to information literacy/fluency when they arrive. 
  • DEMO RELEVANT DATABASES/SEARCHES - provide search tips; talk about use of quotes, truncation/wild card symbols, using limiters/facets.
  • ACTIVE LEARNING!  Give students time during session to work on brief assignment or some aspect of course projects and report back on what they found.  I walk around the room while they are working to see if anyone needs assistance.  They are more likely to ask question if I am right there close to them.  Staying at the front of the room is not conducive to getting students to ask questions.  If faculty member can walk around as well, so much the better.
    • Allow time at end (if possible) for completion of  student session evaluation questions.
    • Send link to faculty feedback forms/assessments out to faculty following the session.


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