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Information Fluency: Building a Tiered, Course-Integrated Program Across the College Curriculum: Potholes and Detours ...

Guide to supplement Faculty Food for Thought Presentation, April 12, 2018.

Don't expect them to knock it out of the park every time ya pitch it ...

Stuff happens ...

  1. Inconsistencies in delivery of instruction to all targeted courses.
  2. Sometimes it’s just a bad fit:
    1. Faculty member does not see relevance to course or is uncomfortable with someone else teaching his/her class.
    2. Changes in teaching faculty may bring different approaches/assignments that do not work as well.
    3. “Token visit to the library” – faculty member trying to play nice but really does not see relevance.  As a result, assignments are “forced” (or artificial) and not really relevant to course.  Faculty member may be away at a conference.
  3. Lack of faculty engagement.
  4. Danger (?!) of repetition.  Students sometimes complain, “I’ve already heard this!” 
  5. Timing is offInstruction is given too early in semester.  This is particularly important with Freshmen who spend the first month or so just getting used to campus life.
  6. No active learning or in-class applications Librarian lectures too much!
  7. No follow-up assignment - "If you don't use it, you lose it!"  Students have to have an opportunity to use what they have learned to help "cement" the assimilation of the information and skills presented.
  8. "Helicopter Professor" - all the answers are here!  The more you do, the less they learn or Jay Howard says, “The person doing the most work learns the most!”  Doing too much for the student generally means the student learns less! Raise the stakes!  Require more (than 2 library sources in a 10-page paper)!  Don't deliberately make it easy for them. 


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