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Information Fluency: Building a Tiered, Course-Integrated Program Across the College Curriculum: Making it work for you!

Guide to supplement Faculty Food for Thought Presentation, April 12, 2018.

Tips for building a tiered, integrated info lit program in your discipline ...

  1. Identify information fluency skills your students need to develop to successfully complete course assignments, become well-rounded, successful practitioners/professionals?
  2. Determine what is unique about the information fluency needs of students in your discipline
  3. Incorporate a statement relating to the teaching of information fluency skills in the learning objectives for your discipline.
  4. Determine when should each of the desirable information fluency skills best (i.e. most effectively) be taught and/or when are they necessary?
  5. Work to target the best (i.e., most logical “fit”) courses for information fluency - try to match student learning outcomes with ACRL information literacy frames.
  6. Library liaison devises a “blitz” campaign to communicate about the program and contact the potential players.  This involves a lot of time and perseverance.  Sometimes you have to be a real pest/nag!  It also takes time and resilience.
  7. Faculty/Librarian Collaboration is essential!
  8. Develop meaningful in-class activities and course assignments targeting/employing specific information fluency skills/objectives/frames?
  9. Assess and revise plans as necessary.


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