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Early Childhood Educator Certificate Program

Guide for students in the Early Childhood Educator Certificate Program

Introduction to the library home page


library home page

ASK - Click on the ASK button if you have questions (or, contact me directly)

1: WorldCat Discovery search box - use when searching for books, articles, videos, and more all at once

2: Databases (alphabetical or by subject) - covering many topics and formats for more focused searches

3: Journals A-Z - to check for access to a specific journal

4: LibGuides (online guides) - for help with many topics including one for Education Research and one for Children's and Young Adult Literature

5: Interlibrary Loan - use when you need to borrow items from other libraries (physical items will be sent to Butler for you to pick up - which may not be helpful if you are not in the area - but electronic articles can be emailed to you as a PDF)

If you find an item you need that is not available through the library, click on the Request item through Interlibrary Loan buttonInterlibrary Loan link which will prompt you to log in to your Interlibrary Loan account and you can submit the request (which should be filled out for you once you log in).

Comparison of Tools for Searching and Help


Library Website



libguide example

WorldCat Discovery

Library Databases

database logoslogologologologo

Google Scholar

Scholar logo

Information about the library and links to library search tools and other resources

Search box for the catalog (WorldCat Discovery)

Online guides to using the library and library resources

Can cover a course or a topic

May include search tips,  recommended databases on a topic, links to relevant websites, and more

Search tool to find the physical items in the library collection (books, CDs, DVDs, and more) as well as ebooks and some of the journal articles and streaming content included in library databases

Contains records describing the items and information/links to access materials

Records describing articles and other content found in library databases may be very brief – for example, they may not include subject information

Searchable collections of (often detailed) records for articles, books, streaming music and videos, and more as well as links to access materials

Many cover a specific discipline (music, education, business, biology, literature, etc.) or format (ebooks, streaming videos, newspapers, etc.) 

May include the actual content, in addition to records describing the content

Subset of the information found in Google

Can be used to search for scholarly articles, books, and reports



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