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Strategic Communication

Literature Reviews

How to conduct a Literature Review

  • USC Libraries has an excellent LibGuide page on conducting a Literature Review.  
  • The University of Guelph, McLaughlin Library (Ontario, Canada) has a good overview on writing a Literature Review.

Dissect a Scholarly Artice

Market Research (Commercial Companies)

Market Research Companies

Market research companies contract out with businesses, organizations, educational institutions, government entities, and nonprofits to gather information about target markets and customers.  It is an important component of business strategy and a major factor in maintaining competitiveness. Wikipedia

Major Market Research Companies include:

Nielsen IQVIA
Kantar Gartner

The above companies are large international companies.  There will also be regional, local market research firms in your immediate geographic location.  In Indianapolis, those companies include:  SMARI, Concentrics Research, Marketvision Research Inc., etc.  

Types of Research - Scholarly

Types of Research

Quantitative - information collected and numerically represented

  • surveys
  • questionnaires
  • content analysis
  • longitudinal analysis
  • experiments - experimental condition & control group

Qualitative - information collected by observation & interpretive approaches

  • participant observation
  • interviews
  • focus groups
  • ethnography

Source:  Universal Accreditation Board, Accredited in Public Relations presentation.

Keeping Up-to-Date

Trade/Professional Magazines

Browse these professional journals to keep current on what what is happening in the Strat Comm world. 


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