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Education Research (including Teacher Research ): Research Methods and Studies

Guide to resources for teacher research

Background Information on Research Methods

Action Research

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research

Mixed Methods Research

Elements usually included in an article describing a research study:

Question(s) the researcher is trying to answer

Reasons why it is important to answer the question(s)

Review of the relevant literature to explain what is already understood or has already been studied on this topic

Research method used in this study

Results of this study

Conclusions that can be made based on the results of this study

Any limitations of this study

Recommendations of possible areas for additional research


Research Study Examples

Reviews of research

Reviews of research studies can provide leads to studies


Even after a thorough search, you may not be able to find many articles on your specific topic.  It is possible that your exact topic has not yet been studied.  However, other studies related to your topic can be used and can help in designing your study.


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