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Google Apps: Spreadsheets

A basic guide to using Google Apps at Butler


These work much the same as Excel spreadsheets and have many of the same features.

They are great for:

  • online attendance
  • sign-up sheets
  • sharing and collaborating on data.

Accessing and Creating Spreadsheets

To access and create Google Spreadsheets:

1) Go to

2) Log in with your Butler e-mail address and password.

3) Click the "Create" button and select "Spreadsheet".

4) Rename your new "Untitled spreadsheet" by clicking on the title.

Google Spreadsheets Overview

Spreadsheets Tricks and Creative Uses

Current date/time--always

By using the googleclock() function, you can make sure the current time/date it updated not only every time someone edits the spreadsheet, but also every time someone views it.

Conditional formatting

This function allows you to highlight specific information quickly with text color or cell background color. By right clicking on a cell or a column and selecting the "Conditional formatting..." option, you can make rules for highlighting values that are greater than, less than, or in between the desired values. 

Pictures and information from Perform Amazing Feats With These Useful Google Spreadsheets Functions.


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