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Social Media for Business and Personal Professional Use: Fair Use

Fair Use Policy


Fair & Appropriate use:

      1.                  Supporting the mission of the University, teaching/learning, creative activities or engaging the community


      2.                  Supporting studies, instruction, duties as employees, official University business, and University sanctioned activities


      3.                  Faculty & Staff: incidental personal use


      4.                  All users must:

    1.             Comply with all state, federal and local laws;
    2.             Comply with all  University policies;
    3.             Respect intellectual property rights of others;
    4.             Protect files and system access from use by others;
    5.             Practice etiquette in communication;
    6.             Utilize systems via only your Butler assigned computer account and I.D.; and
    7.             Access only files or systems that are yours, public, or that the account holder has given you permission to access


Inappropriate use:


      1.                  Operating a personal business (except as part of a class sponsored activity).


      2.                  Serving as primary computer system for outside organization, except: Using resources excessively, e.g. utilizing resources notably beyond the norm for the person's role on campus.


    1. Where Butler has official affiliate relationship; or
    2. Where approval has been granted from college/division leadership and Information Technology and applicable accounts obtained in advance


      3.                  Circumventing security measures at Butler or on other networks.

      4.                  Impersonating others.


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