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Special Collections, Rare Books, and University Archives

Official Website for the Department of Special Collections, Rare Books, and University Archives at Butler University

Special Collections

Special Collections contains many unique and informative collections. Some names and topics of interest include Eliza A. Blaker (founder of the Teachers College of Indianapolis which later became the Butler University College of Education), Etheridge Knight (African American poet from Indianapolis), Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association, Jean Sibelius (Finnish composer), Kin Hubbard and Gaar Williams (American cartoonists), Abraham Lincoln,  Booth Tarkington (Hoosier author), Tony Hinkle (well-known Butler University athletic coach), Irvington Athenaeum, and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority.

Special Collections also has many collections that help document the history of Butler University, such as diaries, personal papers, and scrapbooks from students, faculty, and community members. In addition, Special Collections holds select Butler University faculty and administrative materials that include personal, research, and teaching papers. Some names include Hilton U. Brown, Elijah Jordan, Rosemary Lang, Catharine Merrill, John E. Potzger, Michael Schelle, Allegra Stewart, Emma Lou Thornbrough, and Alice Bidwell Wesenberg.

Below are the following sections of information:

  • Special Collections - Collection Guides: Available collection guides
  • Special Collections - Inventory: A complete inventory 

‚ÄčThere are two collection numbering systems within Special Collections:

  • MSS designates collections that reach a minimum size of one manuscript box
  • MSS-SM designates collections that are smaller than one manuscript box, usually only a few folders
  • PRI designates print collections

NOTE: More collection guides will be made available from this page as collections continue to be processed. The majority of the collection guides listed are older and outdated but have been made available in their current states to allow researchers a point of access. These collection guides will be updated to reflect new information and inventories as reprocessing takes place.

Please contact Special Collections with questions. 

Special Collections - Collection Guides

Special Collections - Inventory

MSS 001 John E. Potzger Collection
MSS 002 Allegra Stewart Collection
MSS 003 Emma Lou Thornbrough Collection
MSS 004 Ovid Butler Collection
MSS 005 Eliza A. Blaker Collection
MSS 006 Hilton U. Brown Collection
MSS 007 Fred Offutt Collection
MSS 008 Beldon Leonard Collection
MSS 009 Lloyd Family Collection
MSS 010 Adele Piel Meyer Collection
MSS 011 Etheridge Knight Collection
MSS 012 Etheridge Knight Addition
MSS 013 Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra Collection
MSS 014 Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association Collection
MSS 015 Jean Sibelius Collection & Addition 
MSS 016 Kin Hubbard-Gaar Williams Collection
MSS 017 Four Freshman Collection
MSS 018 Abraham Lincoln Research Collection (Lincolniana)
MSS 019 J. Russell Townsend Collection
MSS 020 Perry K. Zahn Collection
MSS 021 Fay Kenoyer Daily Collection
MSS 022 Katharine Merrill Graydon Papers
MSS 023 Indianapolis Literary Club Collection
MSS 024 Carthon Henley Ressler Collection
MSS 025 Booth Tarkington Collection
MSS 026 James Mulholland Papers
MSS 027 May Schaefer Iske Collection
MSS 028 David M. Silver and Anita C. Silver Lincoln and Civil War Collection
MSS 029 Esther A. Renfrew Paddock Collection
MSS 030 Alice Bidwell Wesenberg Collection
MSS 031 Jane Messick Papers
MSS 032 William A. Dailey Papers
MSS 033 Howard Caldwell Collection
MSS 034 Myron Miller Papers
MSS 035 Bette Richart Collection
MSS 036 George O. Comfort Papers
MSS 037 Ray C. Friesner Papers
MSS 038 George Ann Baker Picher Collection
MSS 039 Steve Abbott Collection
MSS 040 Charles W. Moores Papers
MSS 041 George Marott Papers
MSS 042 Colin Edward King Papers
MSS 043 Rosemary Lang Collection
MSS 044 Almeda F. Lowman and Nellie Hollingsworth Teachers College of Indianapolis Scrapbooks
MSS 045 Rex N. Webster Collection
MSS 046 George M. and Martha S. Waller Papers
MSS 047 Charles A. Henzie Collection
MSS 048 Charles H. Walters Papers
MSS 049 Howard Baetzhold Papers
MSS 050 David Starr Jordan Published Papers
MSS 051 Bernard F. Wurger Playbill Collection
MSS 052 William D. Howe Irvington Athenaeum Papers
MSS 053 Eleanor Vivien Holt Lockwood Collection
MSS 054 Milton Weiner Collection
MSS 055 C. C. "Corry" Bauermeister Collection
MSS 056 Florence Elizabeth Wood Scrapbook
MSS 057 William T. Rasmussen Collection
MSS 058 Horst Family Collection
MSS 059 Herb Schwomeyer Collection
MSS 060 Ed Shaughnessy Papers
MSS 061 Emily M. Helming Papers
MSS 062 Bill Davis Collection
MSS 063 Lewis Voegler Rare Book Catalog Records
MSS 064 Vivian S. Delbrook Collection
MSS 065 Delbert F. Kleis Collection
MSS 066 Kathryn M. Brown Collection
MSS 067 McGugin Family Papers
MSS 068 Louise Eleanor Ross Kleinhenz Scrapbook
MSS 069 George Cullen Thomas Papers
MSS 070 Carrie Eliza Benham Collection
MSS 071 Opal J. Bennett Papers
MSS 072 Ken Otterstedt Collection
MSS 073 Universidad de Leon Collection
MSS 074 Scrapbook and Ephemera of Butler University from 1940s to 1960s
MSS 075 Scrapbook and Ephemera of Butler University from 1947 to 1950
MSS 076 Robert D. Dunn Photobook
MSS 077 Don Wilson Scrapbooks
MSS 078 Scrapbooks of Butler University from 1952 to 1955
MSS 079 Scrapbook of Butler University from 1922 to 1923
MSS 080 Butler University Class of 1912 Reunion Scrapbook
MSS 081 Berneatha Irene O'Dell Scrapbook
MSS 082 W. D. Frazees Cabinet of Curiosities Record Book
MSS 083 Photo Album of 1974 Shortridge High School Senior Class
MSS 084 Sigma Gamma Rho Centennial Collection


MSS-SM  001 J. Joseph Riley Papers
MSS-SM  002 Mrs. Nita P. Walker Papers
MSS-SM  003 Beulah Mae Smith Diary
MSS-SM  004 Alexander Weinstein Cavins Papers
MSS-SM  005 Eva Young Wiles Autobiography
MSS-SM  006 James Alexander Hanlin Civil War Letters
MSS-SM  007 Eaton Family Civil War Letters
MSS-SM  008 Eleanor A. Taylor Scrapbook
MSS-SM  009 William Marshall Papers
MSS-SM  010 William B. and Mary E. Johnson Diplomas
MSS-SM  011 Jack C. Miller Papers
MSS-SM  012 Elsie Felt Bluebooks
MSS-SM  013 Donald M. Ream Dimploma
MSS-SM  014 Norman S. Brown Diploma
MSS-SM  015 Helen F. Brandon Dimploma
MSS-SM  016 Herbert Bohn Papers
MSS-SM  017 Doris R. Driggs Papers
MSS-SM  018 Dee Schaffer Papers
MSS-SM  019 Christopher Cox Papers
MSS-SM  020 Notebook from Dr. Ray C. Friesner's 1929 Plant Physiology Class
MSS-SM  021 Barbara Fowler Papers
MSS-SM  022 Holcomb Family 1928-29 Vacation Notebooks
MSS-SM  023 Clarence LaRue Goodwin Autobiography
MSS-SM  024 Harold R. Swartz Papers
MSS-SM  025 Matthias Davis Papers
MSS-SM  026 William R. Mathews Autobiography
MSS-SM  027 "Queen of My Dreams" Musical Comedy Papers
MSS-SM  028 Black Family Collection
MSS-SM  029 Mary Catherine Wild Collection
MSS-SM  030 Charles T. Whitsett Collection
MSS-SM  031 Margaret Habich Papers
MSS-SM  032 John Henry Oliver Smith Collection
MSS-SM  033 Ernest Paul Fink Collection
MSS-SM  034 Gertrude Hecker Winders Scrapbook
MSS-SM  035 Sameul K. Hoshour Lecture Notes
MSS-SM  036 Butler University Course Lectures and Lecture Notes
MSS-SM  037 Charles E. Feinberg Walt Whitman Papers
MSS-SM  038 Irving Fine and Robert W. Smith Correspondence 
MSS-SM  039 Hungarian Plays
MSS-SM     040   Joanna J. Hall Transcriptions and Papers
MSS-SM 041 Richard W. Anderson Jr. Collection


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