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Special Collections, Rare Books, and University Archives

Official Website for the Department of Special Collections, Rare Books, and University Archives at Butler University

University Archives

University Archives documents and preserves the history and records of Butler University. Materials within this institutional archive were created by or for Butler University, specifically those relating to the institution's operations and history. The collection is a combination of official institutional records and correspondence, student and alumni organizational records and ephemera, institutional publications, and research collections maintained by the department. Some frequently used resources and collections include academic bulletins and catalogs, alumni directories, The Butler Alumnal Quarterly (now published as the Butler Magazine), The Butler Collegian (student-run newspaper), The Drift (yearbook), the Butler University Buildings and Grounds Collection (which includes text, visual images, and select architectural plans), and the Butler University Biographical Files Collection.

Below are the following sections of information: 

  • Frequently Requested Collection Guides
  • Selection of Digital Resources
  • University Archives Collection Guides
  • University Archives Classification System
  • University Archives Inventory
  • Additional Resources

NOTE: More collection guides will be made available from this page as collections continue to be processed. Some of the collection guides listed are older and outdated but have been made available in their current states to allow researchers a point of access. These collection guides will be updated to reflect new information and inventories as reprocessing takes place.

Please contact Special Collections with questions. 

Frequently Requested Collection Guides

Selection of Digital Resources

The following are a selection of resources (some available online and others only described) that are held in University Archives. While this is not a full inventory of what University Archives holds, it is a starting place for researchers. 

University Archives - Collection Guides

Collection Guides & a selection of predecessor access lists for the Board of Trustees Papers (UA 003)

These access lists were created by the department of Special Collections prior to 1995. They provide basic information that can be found in the minutes such as general subjects, meeting dates, and a chronological listing of topics covered in the meeting minutes (for only particular years); researchers may then contact Special Collections with specific questions about content or may schedule a research visit to view the minutes themselves. 

Status: Collection Guide Creation

Status: Processing

University Archives - Inventory

As of June 2021, the inventory of the University Archives at Butler University is incomplete. The department is in the process of completing the first University Archives inventory in order to provide more information about the collections to patrons, including information such as their size, contents, and provenance. In addition, most of the materials are unprocessed or have not been fully organized and reviewed. 

For more information on University Archives and its holdings, please contact Special Collections. 

The University Archives collection is organized using a classification system. As of July 2024, this classification system is being updated. Pardon our mess! 

Materials are regularly accepted and added to University Archives, primarily from Butler University departments and individuals associated with the institution. Department records held by University Archives may not be processed or have a completed collection guide due to time constraints.

UA 001 Butler University Research Files (formerly UA00.00)
UA 002 Butler University Buildings and Grounds Collection (formerly UA00.01)
UA 003 Butler University Biography Research Files (formerly UA00.02)
UA 004 Butler University Honorary Degree Recipients
UA 005 Butler University Events Collection (formerly UA00.03)
UA 006 Butler University Publications (formerly UA00.04)
UA 007 Butler University Ephemera (formerly UA00.05)
UA 008 Butler University Artifacts (formerly UA00.06)
UA 009 Butler University Audio and Audiovisual Collection (formerly UA00.09)
UA 010 Butler University Photographs (formerly UA00.08)
UA 011 Butler University Historical
UA 012 Butler University Posters and Illustrations
UA 013 Butler University Newspaper Clippings (formerly UA00.11/UA 001)
UA 014 Butler University Course Materials and Class Assignments
UA 015 Butler University in America's Wars Collection (formerly UA00.10)
UA 016 Butler University Selected History Publications and Speeches


UA 017 Butler University Charters and Bylaws (formerly UA 002)
UA 018 Butler University Board of Trustees Papers (formerly UA 003)
UA 019 Butler University Finance Records
UA 020 Butler University Presidents' Office Files (1907-1928)
UA 021 Allen R. Benton (1861-1868, 1886-1891)
UA 022 Winifred Garrison (1904-1906)
UA 023 Scot Butler (1891-1904, 1906-1907)
UA 024 Thomas Carr Howe (1908-1920)
UA 025 Robert J. Alley (1921-1931)
UA 026 Walter S. Athearn (1931-1933)
UA 027 M.O. Ross (1942-1962)
UA 028 Alexander E. Jones (1962-1977)
UA 029 John G. Johnson (1978-1988)
UA 030 Geoffrey Bannister (1989-2000)
UA 031 Gwen Fountain (2000-2001)
UA 032 Bobby Fong (2001-2011)
UA 033 James Danko (2011-Present)
UA 034 PLACEHOLDER (Future Butler University President Collection)
UA 035 Academic Affairs
UA 036 Dean's Council (Administrative Council)
UA 037 Capital Campaigns
UA 038 Butler Foundation


UA 039 Faculty Senate (Faculty Assembly)
UA 040 Staff Assembly
UA 041 Sabbatical Leave and Fellowship
UA 042 American Association of University Women (AAUW)
UA 043 American Association of University Professors (AAUP)
UA 044 Butler University Women's Faculty Club
UA 045 Women's Caucus
UA 046 Social Justice and Diversity Committee
UA 047 Admissions
UA 048 Advancement and Development
UA 049 Alumni Office (Alumni Association)
UA 050 Facilities
UA 051 Financial Aid
UA 052 Office of Registration and Records
UA 053 Human Resources
UA 054 Marketing and Communications
UA 055 IT
UA 056 Public Affairs and Public Relations
UA 057 Butler University Police Department
UA 059 Center for Global Education (Study Abroad)
UA 060 Office for Institutional Research
UA 061 Butler Art Committee
UA 062 Gender Equity Commission
UA 063 Butler Alliance
UA 064 Friesner Herbarium
UA 065 Center for Faith and Vocation
UA 066 Butler Club
UA 067 Clowes Hall-Butler Arts and Events Center
UA 142 BU Student Disability Services
UA 068 School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (University College)
UA 069 College of Religion (Christian Theological Seminary)
UA 070 College of Education (Teacher's College of Indianapolis)
UA 071 Andre B. Lacy School of Business
UA 072 College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (Indianapolis College of Pharmacy)
UA 073 Jordan College of the Arts (Jordan College of the Fine Arts; Arthur Jordan Conservatory of Music)
UA 074 Jordan Theatre Department Records (formerly UA04.06)
UA 075 College of Communication
UA 076 Butler University Libraries
UA 077 Holcomb Research Institute
UA 078 School of Physical Education and Athletics
UA 079 Unnamed Collection - In Process (Evening Division/Evening College/Extended Programs)
UA 080 Founder's College
UA 081 Research Files, General (formerly UA05.00.01)
UA 082 Research Files, Greek Societies (formerly UA05.00.02)
UA 083 Research Files, Professional and Honorary Societies (formerly UA05.00.03)
UA 084 Mathesian Society
UA 085 Pythonian Society
UA 086 Athenian Literary Society
UA 087 Demia Butler Society
UA 088 Philokurian Society
UA 089 Catharine Merrill Club
UA 090 Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha (Debate Club)
UA 091 Butler Alumnae Literary Club
UA 092 Association of Women Students
UA 093 Women's League
UA 094 Welwyn Club
UA 095 Association of Independent Students (Butler Independent Association)
UA 096 Scarlet Quill
UA 097 Odd Topics Society
UA 098 Computer Association
UA 100 Butler Troop of Campus Girl Scouts
UA 101 Mothers' Council
UA 102 Parents' Association
UA 103 Spurs
UA 104 Kappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma (Band Fraternity)
UA 105 Sigma Chi
UA 106 Sigma Alpha Mu
UA 107 Trianon
UA 108 Phi Kappa Phi
UA 109 Sigma Alpha Iota
UA 110 Pi Epsilon Phi
UA 111 Mu Phi Epsilon Honorary Music Society
UA 112 Phi Mu Alpha 
UA 113 Phi Beta Kappa
UA 114 Alpha Lambda Delta
UA 115 Women in Communication (preceded by Scribblers' Club and Theta Sigma Phi)
UA 116 Delta Delta Delta
UA 117 Sigma Nu
UA 118 Physician Assistant (PA) Student Society
UA 119 The Drift
UA 120 Marching Band
UA 121 Student Government Association (Student Assembly; Student Senate)

The Athletics section of the University Archives is currently being processed, along with the creation of collection guides. This section is scheduled to be completed by Fall 2024.

The unprocessed collection contains information on early Butler Athletic Records (1887-1959), Butler Athletic Hall of Fame (1992-2012), Butler's B-Men's Association/B-Association (1964-2012), Butler Track and Field and Relays (1924-1942), Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball and more. 

UA 122 BU Athletics Records
UA 123 BU Athletic Hall of Fame
UA 124 BU Athletics Camps
UA 125 BU Athletics Publications
UA 126 BU B-Men's Association (B-Association)
UA 127 BU Baseball
UA 128 BU Men's Basketball
UA 129 BU Women's Basketball
UA 130 BU Cross Country
UA 131 BU Cycling
UA 132 BU Football
UA 133 BU Golf
UA 134 BU Intramural Activities
UA 135 BU Lacrosse
UA 136 BU Soccer
UA 137 BU Softball
UA 138 BU Swimming
UA 139 BU Tennis
UA 140 BU Track and Field
UA 141 BU Volleyball


Additional Resources


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