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EI 101: First-Year Business Experience 2023-24 (all sections): General Resources

General Resources for Everyone

Linked on this page are resources that can be used for general research for almost any analysis (industry, competitor, etc.). 

For specialized resources, go to the dropdown box under the Individual Resources tab above to find resources for a specific type of analysis.

Resources for Everyone

How to find a company's corporate website:  You can usually find it with a simple Google search, but you want to make sure you are looking at the official site for the right company.  Try a Google search that includes the word  "corporate" or "headquarters"   Example:  McDonald's corporate   

Tips for finding the Investor's section on a public company's website:  

  • Look at the bottom of the website for headings such as "Investors" or "Investor Relations." 
  • Look for headings such as "Our Company" or "About Us." 
  • In the Investor's section look for headings such as "Financials" or "Financial Information" to find SEC filings (ex:  Form 10-K).

Tip: Look for a search box or search icon on the website to navigate to specific information. 

You can also search a company's site using Google.  Example:  sustainability

Important sections of the corporate website often listed in menu headings across the top or bottom: 

  • ESG:  Environmental, Social, and Governance policies
  • Press Releases/News  
  • Product Information  
  • Social Media Postings 


Publicly-Owned--issue shares of stock that are freely traded on an exchange (ex:  New York Stock Exchange) Privately-Owned--do not issue shares of stock.  Typically owned by company founders, management, or group of private investors
The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) regulates public companies. These companies must publicly disclose information about company financials and business operations by filing reports with the SEC. The annual SEC filing is the Form 10-K. Not required to disclose financial information
Usually easy to find information on public companies Not as easy to find information on private companies

Tip:  You will usually find a company's Form 10-K report on its website under headings such as "Investors" or "SEC Filings."

Trade sources provide information for those who are interested in a particular industry or trade.  Trade publications are often sponsored by trade associations, which are professional organizations whose members are affiliated with a particular industry. 


  • You can sometimes find trade associations with a Google search by using the keyword "association" with words or a phrase that describe the industry.  Example:  "food processing" association. 
  • Trade sources are often listed in an industry report in the First Research or IBISWorld databases. 
  • You can limit your search results to trade publications in both the Business Source Complete or One Business (ProQuest) databases.

Tip:  If you conduct a Google search and want the results to include only WSJ articles, try this search string: 

"your search terms"            Example:  "farm equipment"


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