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EI 101: First-Year Business Experience 2023-24 (all sections): Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis Resources

Trade sources can include trade publications and trade associations.  The databases linked below will provide articles from trade publications and links to associations.

Other tips on finding trade sources:

  1. Google industry keywords with the word "association."  ex:  "food processing" association
  2. Find an industry report and look for links to trade sources in the report (ex: First Research report).
  3. Use keywords to search a database and then filter results to trade publications.  (ex:  Business Source Complete database).

Tip:  Review a public company's Form 10-K (SEC filing) to find information about the industry in which the company operates.

Start with the IBISWorld database. For help with databases, see the tutorials linked on this LibGuide.

Passport provides industry and consumer reports for over 200 countries.  First-time users of Passport:  See the login instructions video below.

Try the databases linked below to find general business news articles (ex:  WSJ, Forbes, local business newspapers). 

Tip: Try Google to find WSJ articles.  Example:  "fast food"


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