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EI 101: First-Year Business Experience 2023-24 (all sections): Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis Resources

If the competitor is a public company, start by looking at the competitor's website, including the Investor's section for SEC filings.  See the Form 10-K.

Use these databases to find company profiles. 

Note:  The First Research and IBISWorld databases linked below will help you find information on the overall competitive nature of the industry--not profiles on individual companies.

TIP:  You can use some of these databases to create a list of competitors.  

  • AtoZ will let you create a list of companies in a specific industry and/or location. 
  • Hoovers and Mergent Intellect have company profiles.
  • The PrivCo databases focuses on private companies.  
  • The First Research and IBISWorld databases will provide an overview on the competitive market for the industry.

Try the databases linked below to find general business news articles (ex:  WSJ, Forbes, local business newspapers).  You can also look up companies at the Better Business Bureau website.  

Tip: Try Google to find WSJ articles.  Example:  "fast food"


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