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Panopto: Recording


Be sure to check the LibGuide for your specific device by selecting it from the drop down menu above for Recording.


Using Panopto for your Moodle course?

In order to prepare your course to accept Panopto recordings it must be provisioned first. This needs to be done for each individual course that you want to add recordings to. You must be an instructor of the course to follow these steps for Provisioning your course.

  1. Go to the Moodle course that you want to use with Panopto.
  2. Locate the Panopto block (typically located on the right at the very bottom)
  3. Click Provision Course and you will be taken to a confirmation page
  4. Click Back to course which will take you back to your Moodle course home page. 

Now your Moodle course is configured for use with Panopto.  By default your students are all set up with VIEW access.

Need a private sandbox for creating and sharing videos?

My Folder is always at the top of the Folder list on the left.

You cannot share My Folder itself, but you can share sessions and folders within it. If you try to share My Folder currently, you will receive the Personal folder can't be shared error message.

Faculty and Staff have the option to request Automated recordings through IT. The best practice for automated recording are when you want to record in the same room on multiple occasions. For example if you teach or have a recurring meeting in a room where Panopto audio and/or video capabilities are available you can request that these dates and times automatically get recorded and posted in Moodle.

Check to see if your class or meeting is a room that has Panopto recording cababilities. Once you have determined that you can Schedule a Panopto recording through IT by filling in the online form found at this link. 

When you provision your Moodle course for Panopto students are set up automatically as Viewers. They must be set up as a Creator in Panopto in order to be able to download the recorder and submit content for the course.

Set all students are Creators when configuring the course
  1. Navigate to your course in Moodle
  2. Turn Editing On by selecting the button in the upper right corners that says Editing On
  3. Locate the Panopto Block (right side)
  4. Select Configure Panopto Block from the gear drop down in the Panopto Block

  5. Select Change Panopto Role Mappings
  6. Select Student in the list of options next to Creator
  7. Select Save Changes

Now all of your students will be able to download the Panopto Recorder and create content.

Two ways to record

From the Panopto Server

  1. Log into your Panopto server ( using your Butler username and password
  2. ​Select Record a New Session from the Create drop down menu


Using the Panopto Recorder

Open the Panopto Recorder on your device and follow the instructions for the device you are using to record


Create a Drop Box (Assignment Folder)
An assignment folder is a subfolder that shares its user list with its parent folder, but gives the users some additional privileges. 
Assignment folders enable Viewer users in their parent folder to create and manage their own content, while preventing them from viewing other users' content that has not been explicitly shared or made public.
  1. Log into the Panopto server (butler.hosted.panopto.comand navigate to the course folder where you want to create the Assignment Folder.
  2. Select the Settings icon for that folder
  3. Select Overview
  4. Select Create Assignment Folder

1. Setting System Audio Up

1.1.  To record System Audio and a microphone source simultaneously in Panopto's Windows Recorder, open the Control Panel and navigate to Hardware and Sound. Click Sound (See Figure 1).

User-added image
Figure 1


1.2.  If Speakers are not currently set as the default playback device set them to default now.

1.3.  Click the Recording tab.

1.4.  If Stereo Mix is not one of the options under the Recording tab, right click and select Show Disabled Devices so that it is active (Fig. 2).

User-added image
Figure 2


1.5.  Enable Stereo Mix.

1.6.  Set Stereo Mix to default device, and the Microphone that will be used for recording in Panopto to Default Communications Device.

1.7.  Right click the Microphone that will be used for recording, and click Properties (Fig. 3).

User-added image
Figure 3


1.8.  Under the Listen tab enable Listen to this device and click OK  (Fig. 4).

User-added image
Figure 4


2. Recording

2.1.  Open the Panopto Recorder application.

2.2.  Set the Primary Source Audio to Stereo Mix (Fig. 5).

User-added image
Figure 5


2.3.  The Panopto Recorder will now capture System Audio, and the Microphone source simultaneously.



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