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Panopto Student Guide: Audio Descriptions

Audio Descriptions Introduction

The Web Accessibility Initiative uses the following definition of audio descriptions:

What: Description explains visual information needed to understand the content. (For example, “Pat opens a small box, looks at a diamond engagement ring, and cries”.) Depending on the type of video and media player, description can be:

  • integrated into the main script and recording (which works well for some training videos, yet not most stories)
  • narration added to the main audio track and provided in an alternative version of the video (for stories)
  • provided in a text file or as a separate audio track (if supported by the media player)

Who: Description provides content to people who are blind and others who cannot see the video adequately.

Adding Audio Descriptions

Audio Description Example

Watch the video below to see an example of audio descriptions. Note that these audio descriptions are "baked into" the main audio track of this video playing on YouTube. Instead of being part of the main audio track, Panopto's audio descriptions are on a separate audio track that can be turned on or off.


Adding Audio Descriptions in Panopto

For written instructions, see the How to Add Audio Descriptions article.

Audio Description Resources


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