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Panopto Student Guide: Viewing in Canvas

Viewing in Canvas

  1. Log into the course and, in the left-hand navigation, locate your Panopto link.
    Canvas course navigation with "Panopto Recordings" highlighted
  2. The Panopto course folder will appear to the right of the toolbar.
    Panopto course folder appears in a Canvas course. 
  1. View any recording by selecting its thumbnail or title.
    Panopto course folder appears in a Canvas course.  A video's thumbnail and title appear highlighted by red boxes.
  2. If you need to locate a specific video, use the search bar at the top of the course folder. Smart Search will show results that include where the search term was spoken, shown on screen, or shown in slides in a video. You will see where in the video the word appears by looking in the search results below the video title. To learn more, please see Learn About Smart Search.
    Panopto course folder appears in a Canvas course. The search bar at the top of the folder is highlighted by a red box. 

Features of the Panopto Viewer

Watching Embedded Videos

You may find Panopto videos embedded in your Canvas course, most likely on a page but possibly on an assignment or a quiz. Use the following features to find the best view for your studies.


Switch Stream

Switch stream iconLocated in the upper right of the video, the switch stream icon lets you change how the Panopto video is displayed. Find talking heads and PowerPoints too distracting? Switch to Secondary View to see only the PowerPoint. Or switch to Picture-in-Picture to view a miniature version of the talking head over top of a larger PowerPoint. You can switch the stream at any point when watching a video.

Note that this button is only visible when multiple streams are present. 

For more information, see How to Change the Video Format in the Embedded Player.


Watch in Panopto

Embedded viewer buttons with watch in Panopto icon selectedSelect the Watch in Panopto icon to open the video in a new tab. This view maximizes the screen real estate and allows you to take advantage of all of Panopto's study tools, like notes, discussions, and search.


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