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Panopto Student Guide: Panopto Capture (browser)

Panopto Capture Intro

Panopto Capture allows a user to easily record audio, video, and screens or applications directly within their browser instead of downloading the desktop application. You can launch Panopto Capture by going to or through Canvas. Below details the process of starting your video through these two different ways as well as a short tutorial on how to record with Panopto Capture.

How to Create a Video Using Panopto Capture

Recording with Panopto Capture

Process through

  1. Go to and sign in with your Butler credentials. 
      Butler sign in page to Panopto.
  2.  Select "Create" in the navigation top bar.
      Panopto navigation bar.
  3.  Select "Panopto Capture."
      Panopto's Create button dropdown menu. The Create button is highlighted by a red box as is the option for Panopto Capture.
  4. Record and upload your video!

Process through Canvas

  1. Navigate to your course in Canvas to the assignment you need to submit.
    Canvas course page and boxed red Assignment tab. 
  2. In the submission page, select the Panopto icon.
    Assignment submission text box with circled red Panopto symbol. 
  3. Select the "Record" tab and choose the folder for your video. Choose a title for your recording and select "Launch Capture."
    Panopto Recordings popup page.
  4. Record and upload your video!

System Requirements

Supported Browsers: Panopto supports the latest versions of Chrome, Edge (Chromium-based), and Firefox.

Operating Systems:
Microsoft--Windows 8.1 and above
Apple--MacOS 10.14 and above iOS 13+
Google--Latest version of Chrome OS, Android 9+ 

Processor: 1.8 GHz or higher

Memory: 1 GB

Applications: HTML 5

Network Bandwidth: 50 Kbps for audio-only presentations. 300 Kbps for
presentations with one video stream, audio,
PowerPoint and screen capture. 500 Kbps for
presentations with multiple video streams.


Email Butler University Libraries
Irwin Library: 317-940-9227
Science Library: 317-940-9937

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