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Panopto Student Guide: Archive Videos

Butler's Archive Policy

Currently Butler does not have a policy for archiving old videos. We will update this page with the archival policy when it is implemented.

Restoring Archived Videos

Restore Archived Content from Search 

  1. If you are searching your Panopto site, you can include archived videos in your search by selecting the checkbox to the left of Show archived videos in the search filters. Note: By default, this checkbox will be deselected.
    Search Results page. On it, the checkbox to the left of "Show archived videos" appears highlighted by a red box. 
  2. Archived content will appear with the Archive icon over it and when hovered over, you can select the button Restore from Archive that appears underneath its title. 
    Archived video in video search. On it, the Archive option appears over the video's thumbnail (a moving box) and is highlighted by a red box. Additionally, the button "Restore from Archive" appears highlighted by a red box.
  3. Archived content that is in the process of being restored will not show the Restore from Archive option but instead will display the message: Video is archived. Video will be available for viewing in... with the time remaining until the video is restored.
    Archived video in video search. On it, the message indicating that the video is in the process of being restored is highlighted by a red box.
  4. The video restoration will take up to 48 hours and will appear as it does in step 3, above, until it is restored. An email will be sent indicating that the video has been restored. 


Restore Archived Content from the Viewers 

  1. If you attempt to view an archived video from either the Panopto Viewer or Embedded Viewer, the following message will appear: This video is archived and must be restored from the archive before it can be viewed. Restoration may take up to 48 hours.
  2. Panopto Viewer: This viewer will display the video's thumbnail on the left and the message on the right. Select the Restore from Archive button to restore the video. 
    Archived video in the Viewer. On it, the button "Restore from Archive" is highlighted by a red box. 
  3. Panopto Embedded Viewer: This viewer will appear greyed out with the message displayed over top of it. Select the Restore from Archive linked text to restore the video. 
    Embedded player. The video is greyed out, and the warning message referenced in 2.1. appears over top and is highlighted by a red box. 


For more information, see the How to Restore Archived Content article.


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