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Visiting Writers' Series LibGuide: Erika Meitner


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Meitner was born and raised in Queens and Long Island, New York. She attended Dartmouth College (for an AB in Creative Writing and English Literature), Hebrew University on a Dartmouth Reynolds Fellowship, and the University of Virginia, where she received her MFA in Creative Writing as a Henry Hoyns Fellow, and her MA in Religious Studies as a Morgenstern Fellow in Jewish Studies. Meitner is a first-generation American: her father is from Haifa, Israel; her mother was born in a refugee camp in Stuttgart, Germany, which is where her maternal grandparents settled after surviving Auschwitz, Ravensbrück, and Mauthausen concentration camps.

As part of her commitment to student mentorship, she is also the creator and steward of the Post-MFA Resources Tumblr. After 15 years at Virginia Tech, where she both taught in and directed the MFA and undergraduate creative writing programs, in the fall of 2022, Meitner joined the English Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a professor and MFA program director.

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